Digitizing your Photos
Digitizing your Photos 
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Convert your photos to digital and take advantage of:


Convenient Storage

  • Hundreds of photos can be stored on one CD
  • Keep an extra copy in your Safe Deposit Box


Photo Enhancement

  • Restore yellowed pictures to white again!
  • Get rid of red-eye-Enlarge/Crop


Convenient Distribution

  • No more worries over who keeps the photos-All family members can have their own!
  • Great for blended families, or sharing with Grandparents/ Aunts/ Uncles.


No more time consuming photo album work

  • Photos come in a "flip-book style" viewwer- or use your favorite software program
  • Be ready to use in presentations for reunions, anniverseraries or memorial services

 Easier and Less expensive than you may think!

  • Can digitize most photos without removing from albums
  • (best if  plastic can be peeled back or removed)
  • Low overhead means savings passed on to you
  • Over half the price of some photo specialists
  • The more pictures you digitize the less it costs per picture!


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